Welcome to Fern & Green - an ever changing collection of antiques and vintage homeware curated by me - Anya.

My interest in all things interiors started early on. I remember as a child fantasising about my perfect home – all white interior with plush sofas (my tastes moved on considerably since then). In my adult life, whenever I visited somebody’s house or even while having a work meeting that I found boring, my mind would immediately start drifting off to how I would redesign the space.

Over the years I have been learning more about my likes and dislikes, developing my personal taste, but one design preference and personality trait always remained quite strong - I don’t believe in throwing things away. However, I am not a hoarder! Generally I am a follower of Marie Condo’s advice – surround yourself only with things you love.

So I never set out to buy something that is only going to last one season, something too fashionable or something I will quickly get bored with, as this means I don’t really love it. The most successful purchases for me are the ones that last ages, I use all the time, and am sad to see them go when they eventually fall apart.

Because of this, I have always been interested in antique and vintage pieces - designs that have stood the test of time and can easily fit into any style of interior, both contemporary or classical. My favourite interiors are the ones that can masterfully mix old and new.

My tastes are quite eclectic and I don't stick to a specific historical period. In my shop you will see pieces ranging from Georgian furniture to mid century ceramics, with a particular focus on smaller occasional pieces. What unites them is my desire to add elegance and timeless appeal to a modern home. 

I hope my shop will help you add those special pieces to your home that have a history and will be treasured by you and your family for generations to come.